Brunel MBA steps up the challenge for Class 2014

Robust, consolidated, refreshed – the Brunel MBA programme underwent an exciting review by the MBA Advisory Board and the MBA Programme Academic Team in time for the academic year 2013/14.

Prof Francesco Moscone

Prof Francesco Moscone, the MBA Programme Director currently in Australia presenting his latest findings for BIOPOOL, a research project designed to allow the scientific community to conduct more meaningful clinical trials, especially with respect to rare diseases, commented:

“The Brunel MBA continues to offer our students content-rich modules dealing with contemporary business concepts and we maintain our specialisations in General Management, Healthcare and Aviation. In addition, the existing Leadership Masterclass Series and Career Development Programme, highly commended by AMBA, help us strengthen the balance between theory and practise for the benefit of our students.

We did find an opportunity to enhance the richness of our curriculum by introducing a new module – Business Economics – covering micro and macroeconomics and exploring ways to improve the efficiency of a firm through a more in-depth understanding of the market environment and its implications for business.”

The MBA Class of 2014 will also participate in an enhanced executive career coaching programme with a new MBA Career Coach and enjoy a rewarding academic challenge with increased contact hours bringing the total for the programme to over 2000 learning hours for the academic year.

Prof Moscone said: “We are always looking to refresh the strategy for our successful MBA programme and the changes introduced in the programme commencing in September 2013 and January 2014 are a welcome addition to the MBA that reflects the School’s ambitions.”

Find out more about the Brunel MBA programme commencing in September 2013 and January 2014. 

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