BBS welcomes scholars and Ambassador from Kazakhstan

The Ambassador of the Kazakhstan Embassy, Mr Kairat Abusseitov, with Brunel University’s Vice Chancellor, Professor Julia Buckingham participated at an evening reception on 19th June in honour of the Presidential Bolashak Fellowship Scheme, where over 40 students are being developed by the Business School.

Professor Zahir Irani, Head of the Brunel Business School, said: “We are looking forward to working with scholars from Kazakhstan. They will undoubtedly help in the economic development of their country and we are privileged to play a small but significant part.”

Professor Buckingham welcomed a delegation of diplomats and a group of academic scholars from the Republic who arrived here earlier this year to study English and Business. In February, the first group of Scholars that are members of staff from different Kazakhstan universities came to Brunel as part of the country’s programme to give young, talented people an opportunity to study abroad.

In the traditional exchange of gifts, Professor Julia Buckingham was given a hand-painted wooden plaque, and the Brunel Business School gave the Ambassador an engraved glass trophy.

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