BBS Students get ready for international programme in Korean Aerospace University (KAU)

Following the success of the international exchange programme in South Korea last year, Brunel Business School students prepare for another summer in the land of Psy.  The study exchange programme is organised by Dr Wafi Al-Karaghouli and Dr Habin Lee with local partner Mr Joon Lee at Korean Aerospace University (KAU). The School will be covering their flight and tuition expenses.

KAU founded 60 years ago and it is one of the top-tier universities in Korea. The university plays a pivotal role in East Asia’s Aerospace and Astronautics. KAU is the only university in Korea specializing in aviation and aerospace, and one of the few universities in the world that has its own runway!

The exchange programme will see four students from BBS travelling to KAU (South Korea) during the summer and two students from KAU to study at level 2 (year 2) at Brunel for two terms. BBS students will be staying at KAU’s campus for the duration of the programme, like their counterpart who will stay at Brunel Campus. The selection process at both universities is very rigorous. BBS students go through two phases, involving application and an interview.

BBS/KAU Exchange Students 2012

BBS/KAU Exchange Students 2012 with Dr Wafi Al-Karaghouli

The exchange programme is aimed at Level 2 (year 2) students of the BSc Business Management and BSc International Business programmes at Brunel Business School and provides an excellent learning experience (practical and cultural). It exposes students to the aviation industry and provides them with a competitive edge over other graduates who will be competing for jobs in the civil aviation sector.

The School is currently in discussions with the Korean university to possibly establish such exchange programme for the Brunel MBA (Aviation Management) students, as KAU offers similar degree.

2013 KAU Summer Programme

2013 KAU Summer Programme

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