BBS Student shortlisted for MTV Student of the Year Award!

Vote for Nada!Abdelrahman Nada, in the second year of International Business BSc in Brunel Business School, was recently selected from thousands of students across the UK to be in the top 20 nominees for the MTV Student of the Year Award.  Congratulations!

Vote for Nada on the MTV website – let’s give him all of our support!

Visit the MTV website to view Nada’s video and get to know more about him.

“Born in Cairo, Egypt and raised in Abu Dhabi, UAE I think its safe to say that whilst growing up in an international school I have learned to absorb handfuls of different ideas, thoughts, mind sets, and influences.

I took advantage of my multicultural surrounding as I tried to analyze and approach all kinds of difficulties using several different points of views and perceptions. Helping to bring about the best of me and contribute the most I can.


Vote for Nada!

I personally enjoy learning about things that I love and when it comes to art, music, and fashion I’m always trying to find new inspirations. MTV has been around for me by introducing me to the life I live today.

From the music videos to the TV shows to the interviews and documentaries I have watched ever since I was a little “Nada”, I owe MTV a lot for being such a huge part of my life and now that I am finally in London, I feel like its my chance to try and give back as much as possible.”

Share this with your friends and help Nada scoop up the MTV award for all of us by voting on the MTV website!

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