Boot Camp for Applicants Amazing, Say Participants

University applicants got a crash course in success during the Brunel Business Boot Camp, which took place from 20 – 22 February 2013. A second Boot Camp will be organised by Brunel Business School at the beginning of April 2013.Boot-Camp-Logos-7-outline

The Business Boot Camp at Brunel Business School is an exclusive event for candidates holding an offer to pursue their Business Degree in Brunel University. The Boot Camp is a residential event, allowing participants to truly experience being a student and living on campus.

This interactive event offers participants an opportunity to:

  • Engage within a stimulating learning environment
  • Be exposed to the latest business thinking
  • Develop aptitude and critical thinking skills
  • Be exposed to motivational speakers such as “Meet the Apprentice” Saira Khan, as seen on TV
  • Participate in business simulation games
  • Network with other high achieving applicants
  • Experience what it’s like being a University student before actually going to a University
  • Get a taste of Brunel Business Life Employability Programme

Here’s what some the participants of the February 13’ Boot Camp had to say about the event in the Boot Camp Facebook Group:

•    Antonio Demendoza I want to thank everyone for such an amazing time at Brunel these past 3 days. The fact that we all got along and made such close friendships just goes to show that it was a very fun event. Thanks to the team leaders who made everything just that bit easier and interesting, and thank you to the teachers who we learned everything off. I’ll miss you guys, best of luck, and hopefully see some of you in the years to come x

•    Ramya Govindaraj What can I say? Had the most unforgettable time of my life! Met a bunch of wonderful people and I’m so glad that I came. Thank you for the fantastic opportunity and thank you to all who helped. Will be seeing you guys in September! 🙂

BBS Boot Camp Feb-20

•    Keisha Renaud Had a fantastic experience at the Brunel Boot Camp, I mean my fellow boot campers have said it all! Great time, met some amazing people you guys inspired me. So glad I came and I’ll definitely be looking out for all of you guys in September. Good luck everyone 🙂

•    Ashika Mistry Never thought I could learn so much in 3 days. I have met some lovely people and thank you to Brunel for giving us all this amazing experience. Hopefully will be seeing some of you guys again and hope everyone achieves what they want in life! x

•    Kiran Bachra Thanks so much to Brunel for setting up such a quality experience! Thanks to everyone involved for being so friendly and generally being lovely people, I had a great time! Good luck to everyone for the future, wahey xx

•    Khadijah Yasmin The past few days were amazing! Just like to thank the staff at Brunel for giving us this opportunity and of course the Boot Camp group leaders for taking care of us and being really friendly, thank you 🙂

Boot Camp dinner-18

•    Sarah Anne Lillingston Just got home. Thank you to the lecturers, group mentors, and even staff at Lancaster Lodge for a wonderful stay. I’ve taken so much away from the guest speakers and my peers. Each one of your presentations was fantastic!! Take care and I wish you all the best in succeeding your dream

•    Sofia ‘Saphire’ Peixoto Guys I had such an amazing time! I loved meeting all of you weird & wonderful people & thank you Brunel for letting me be a part of this. Hopefully I’ll see you all in September!! 😀

•    Atish R Shah Thank you Brunel for this great opportunity and also the £100 amazon voucher!!! LOL =D This experience has helped me to develop and has given me a further understanding. Thank you to all the staff and mentors you guys are amazing!!! =D

•    Vincent Sam Thanks for the great learning experience. I shall be incorporating those breathing skills where I can, and much more than I have been for the last 18years. In all seriousness it shows it’s never too late to learn something new and develop your brand (self) no matter what you think you already know.

Saira Khan-05

•    Hawa Hassania I’m so glad I got the chance to come to Brunel and meet all of you beautiful people, the last three days have been great fun! And thanks to all the staff and mentors you guys are amazing xx

•    Mark Jonathan Sacre So nobody really said it earlier but I’m guessing I speak for everyone when I say a huge thank you to Dave Snowden for an opportunity to be involved in a Uni like Brunel, something I was sure I would never get to do. Thank you for putting on a great 3 days!

•    Haseeb Salim Absolutely amazing three days!! Met the best people, and enjoyed every minute. After playing a 90 min football game I can happily go to bed!!!! 😀 keep in touch everyone xx

•    Aaron Newman-Arroyave Well back to work 😦 such a great time @ Brunel Bootcamp – everyone was so great and inspirational, hope to see you all September

•    Agata Fehrmann Amazing! Had so much fun! Would definitely do it again and for longer! Wish all the same people were coming in September! 😀

•    Pius B Abitegeka I know I’m a bit late was getting some much needed sleep. I would firstly like to thank Brunel Business staff for all the help and advice and support whilst playing the game. I would also like to apologise on behalf of the Lodgers for giving you sleepless nights. I met some real good friends who I have no doubt that we will remain in touch. The total experience was absolutely priceless and reinforced my decision to come to Brunel. Lastly I’d like to thank all the participants of the business game thank you all for being genuine people and I sure do hope to see you all in September as for now more sleep for me

•    Hannah Catherine Parsons
Just got home, have had the best 3 days!!! U have thrown a spanner in the works Brunel…….well played Brunel……..well played!!! 😉 but honestly thank u so much 2 all involved can’t wait 2 c what the future holds 4 everyone, good luck!!!

•    Sophie Williams
Once again thank you so much for the chance to come to Brunel! By far the best three days I have ever had! Great laugh, dancing and people! Wish you the best of luck whatever pathway you all choose!

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