Postgraduate Scholarships Available Now

Brunel University announced that it will offer Academic Excellence Scholarships to postgraduate students. The scholarships are more generous than ever before and make studying for a Business and Management degree more accessible for high quality applicants. These scholarships are offered to UK/EU and International students who have a first class degree from a UK university (studied in the UK or abroad).

Excellent Students

Academic Excellence Scholarships

The Academic Excellence Scholarships will be awarded in August for courses starting in September and in December for courses starting in January to all students meeting the eligibility criteria.  The University will offer a discount of 15% off the fees for anyone who has obtained a first class undergraduate degree from a UK University, either in the UK or abroad. This equates to an average as follows:

  • Home students discount for MSc programmes£1200
  • International students discount for MSc programmes£2025
  • MBA discount (Home and International) – £2775

Scholarships for Brunel Alumni

The traditional discount for students who have done their first degree in Brunel have improved as well, with Brunel graduates now enjoying 15% automatic discount if they wish to join the MSc or MBA programmes. The best arrangement however is enjoyed by those alumni who graduated with first class degree, as they would be able to benefit from a double scholarship of almost 30% discount as below:

  1. Academic excellence scholarship – 15% PLUS
  2. Alumni discount – 15%

And that’s not all….

Brunel International Scholarships

Students who do not meet the eligibility criteria for the Academic Excellence Scholarships are still able to apply for additional scholarships aimed at all International students, and we encouraged students to regularly review the Brunel International website for upcoming announcement. The Brunel International Scholarship deadlines are in May so students are requested to apply as soon as possible.

Full upfront payment discount

Students who settle their fees upfront will be automatically awarded a further 2% discount.

3 thoughts on “Postgraduate Scholarships Available Now

  1. Hi
    I did my undergrad at Brunel University achieving First Class honours in International Business. I then came back to do an MSc Management (in Sept 2012), but only got 10% alumni discount and no scholarship discount either. Does this apply to Sept 2013 starters only? Thanks.

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