Corporate Branding top of agenda for BBS co-hosted Colloquium

Prof TC Melewar

As the Founder and Chair of the Corporate Branding, Identity, Image and Reputation Colloquium (COBIIR), Professor T C Melewar  from Brunel Business School co-hosted the 2nd Colloquium at Middlesex University Business School recently.  The Conference Chair, Dr Jyoti Navare organised the two day event which was attended by 30 delegates from several countries around the world.  The event was opened by the Dean of the School, Professor Anna Kyprianou.

Papers were discussed on the collective concept of Brand, Identity, Image and Reputation management. The submitted papers, from the UK and other European, Asian, African and Canadian academics, considered research not only on the connectiveness of these constructs in varying consumer contexts but also the potential implications for economic and reputation sustainability. COBIIR opened up the dialogue on research into avenues not only in terms of impacts on consumers and relationship building but also impacts for managers (public, private and not for profit)  in making sense of corporate brands for their organizations and their markets and indeed the wider context of new ideologies which affect organization identity and reputation build.

Selected papers from this event will be published in a Special Issue in the International Studies of Management and Organization journal.

Find out more about Prof TC Melewar and the Centre for Research in Marketing (CREAM)

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