Work Placement Mentor Scheme Launched

The Work Placement Mentor Scheme for 2012-13 launched this November. Organised by Michelle Kavan from the Placement and Career Centre, Alex Sedgwick and Fintan Clear from Brunel Business School, the students took part in a ‘Speed Networking’ event that was a key part of the launch. Having received counselling training from Beverley Crooks, the mentors (Level 3 students who have completed placements) were able to pass on a host of tips to a select group of mentees (Level 2 students intending on getting a placement).

In a lively session mentees were informed about the need to:

  • think in terms of quality rather than quantity when making applications
  • apply only for jobs that genuinely interest them
  • tailor an application to the needs of the job as indicated in adverts, job descriptions and company websites
  • plan job seeking as an activity in balance with coursework and exam preparation
  • rather than respond immediately to a request for an interview by phone, ask the interviewer to ring back so that they have time to put things aside and to focus properly on the job in question
  • try not to get demotivated when the inevitable rejection letters come in – get feedback if possible and learn from the experience
  • it is a myth that all the good placement jobs are taken early in the year – one student who started looking in October 2011 only found her fantastic placement opportunity in July 2012

Quite apart from the serious teaching and learning going on, everyone seemed to enjoy the experience.

To find out more about placement opportunities, please talk to Michelle ( and Reay Elliott ( in the Placement and Careers Centre.

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