Making Growth Happen: Meeting of Industry, Academia and Students

Brunel Business School recently hosted an annual Capstone event: ‘Making Growth Happen – What can be done to achieve an authentically sustainable economic growth?’ under the umbrella of Business Life: Employability Programme.

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Flavia de Facendis, an MBA student who took part in the event this year, writes:

The Eastern Gateway, Brunel Business School’s brand new building, was an ideal venue to host ‘Making Growth Happen – What can be done to achieve an authentically sustainable economic growth?’, where industry representatives, academics and students were able to share their experiences and develop collaborative ideas.

After a welcome from the Vice Chancellor, Professor Chris Jenks, high profile business leaders delivered engaging presentations about growth and sustainability.  A diverse range of organisations were represented, from the Confederation of British Industry, to British Airports and Telefonica. The property and development company Cathedral Group were also present, as were the environmental management consultancy Giraffe Innovation.  The challenging and thought-provoking ideas of Brunel’s newly appointed Professor of Contemporary Thought, Will Self, concluded the speeches and the first part of this event.  To find out more about Will Self’s involvement with Brunel, read here.

The second section of the event comprised of contributions from all of the attendees, focusing on collaboration between participants: business leaders, academics and students worked together to produce a call for action.  The participants were encouraged to identify a definitive Ten Point Plan for enabling a sustainable business growth.

The afternoon ended with a valuable networking opportunity for the students to engage with industry professionals.  One of the students attending, Sayantan Das, commented:

‘The event was a great networking platform for the business students and a great occasion for us to meet delegates from various industry sectors.  I have interacted with some interesting people in my discussion group and created contacts that will be useful in my job search.’

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