University applicants get a crash course in success on Brunel Business Boot Camp

Brunel Business School will be organising two Business Boot Camp events in February and April for high achieving applicants following the success of the fully booked event last year. The Business Boot Camp event at Brunel Business School is an exclusive event for candidates who are predicted to achieve AAB grades or above, or an overseas equivalent, holding an offer to pursue their Business Degree in Brunel University. Eligible candidates will be receiving a personal invitation from the Head of School, Prof Zahir Irani, directly.

The Business Boot Camp is a three day, residential event, with free accommodation and food on campus for all participants. The number of participants is limited to 40 per event.  This interactive event will offer participants an opportunity to:

  • Engage within a stimulating learning environment
  • Be exposed to the latest business thinking
  • Develop aptitude and critical thinking skills
  • Be exposed to motivational speakers such as “Meet the Apprentice” Saira Khan, as seen on TV
  • Participate in business simulation games
  • Network with other high achieving applicants
  • Experience what it’s like being a University student before actually going to a University
  • Get a taste of Brunel Business Life Employability Programme

The School received recognition for its innovative approach to giving prospective students a taste of life in a university in the national press, but more importantly the event was a major success with the participants themselves. Here are some of their testimonials:

Sana Ali

I attended the Business Boot Camp because of the incredible opportunities on offer and the chance to gain knowledge and inspiration from professionals, entrepreneurs and staff at Brunel was too good to turn down. I was able to gain skills that I can carry with me throughout my time at Brunel, attaining my degree and preparing for life afterwards. I was also able to get a better insight into the life at Brunel University as I got the chance to stay on campus. In doing this I was able to start great friendships with others at the Boot Camp, and they made the experience all the better. The session with Saira Khan and the guest speaker at the Dinner in particular were very useful and insightful, adding an entrepreneurial atmosphere to the days spent at Brunel. The experience as a whole greatly influenced my choice in attending Brunel for my Business Management degree and I would definitely recommend that anyone interested in business study should attend. The Boot Camp itself has done a lot in helping me realise business is the route which I would like to take for the rest of my studies and career. I’m proud to have been part of the first group of people to attend.

Kishan Patel

The reason I attended the Business Boot Camp was to get an idea of what this university is like, what it offers in terms of academic and job prospects further down the line and to generally get a feel for the university life on campus. I got a great deal out of this experience including a lot of interesting information on the specific business courses available and what excellent opportunities I would encounter, as well as the skills I could learn from attending this university. With all expenses paid, this is truly an experience that will put you ahead of peers come September (fresher’s week!). Two sessions that are etched in my memory is the session with Saira Khan, who highlighted the importance of making the most out of your opportunities and standing out from the crowd. The second session which I found extremely useful was the Markstrat Business game we took part in, which actually helps us in our course when we start. This enabled me to make Brunel a firm choice because I realised that the course here offered practical as well as theoretical learning experience. Overall I would strongly suggest to any potential applicant to make the most of this opportunity as you will develop your networking skills and get an insider’s experience as to how great Brunel really is!

Omer Duman

I was at a point with Business Studies where I was gradually beginning to lose passion with the subject and had serious thoughts about not progressing onto university. I can now honestly say that the Boot Camp changed my opinion in that short space of time! I attended the course as it appeared to me to be a challenge. It was a chance to compete against Brunel’s best applicants and I wanted to experience the so called ‘Uni experience’. The challenge was a great learning curve and a general life experience as I came in with a view of stereotyping everyone, but was pleasantly surprised by other applicant’s achievements and how other applicant’s aspirations actually inspired me. As boring as it may sound, the talks were the highlight for me as I felt great respect for most of the guest speakers because they were talking through experience: they simply proved anything is possible in the world of business. You do not get college teachers who have worked their way up to be millionaires, do you? With this event Brunel are not trying to sell the Uni to you, but give you a life experience.

Edward Ledwith

My decision to attend the Brunel Boot Camp was based on a combination of my interest in studying business operations and the University life as a whole. Using specialist marketing strategy games during the Boot Camp really brought the theory of marketing to life, not just taking into consideration the obvious factors such as advertising but the market direction itself. In addition to the marketing skills learnt, we attended talks on specific aspects, such as voice coaching and how to effectively present to an audience: creating the overall business package you would expect any successful business person to master.
Business is an easy thing to teach in theory; however hearing it from people who have put that theory into practice and had a great success, such as Saira Khan, really becomes a motivational force. In addition to the academic benefits the camp offered, the friendships I made with people on the camp have continued and many of them are now reading the same course at University. I felt that having a crash course in success, which the camp turned out to be, really ignited a flame inside me.

For more information about Brunel Business Boot Camp please visit: or contact Sharon Coote on

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