Prof Ruth Simpson publishes a book on Emotions in Transmigration

We are pleased to report that Prof Ruth Simpson from Brunel Business School published another book this year called Emotions in Transmigration. It is co-authored with Prof Ann Brooks from University of California, Berkeley.

This book explores the intersection of emotions and migration in a number of case studies from across the United States, Europe and Southeast Asia, including the transmigration of female domestic workers, female workers in the service industries, transmigrant marriages, transmigrant workers in the entertainment industry and asylum seekers and refugees who have experienced violence. Migration is an intensely emotive event in people’s everyday lives, yet the study of migration has, to date, overlooked this aspect – this book fills that gap. It brings the study of emotions together with the study of migration for the first time. The interrelationship of geographical and emotional spaces of nation, identity and emotions are examined as they intersect in a complex framing of a raft of emotions characterized by trauma, grief, guilt, love, violence and rage. Emotions in Transmigration provides theoretical analysis and empirical examples of the intersection of emotions and transmigration in relation to movement, transformation and identity in the context of the United States, Europe and Southeast Asia.

Prof Simpson is a Professor of Management and Deputy Head of School (Deputy Head, Research) for Brunel Business School. She has a background in Economics and Organization Studies and for several years specialised in teaching economics to MBA students. She has taught Economics and Social Science at the Open University and has external examining experience in Human Resource Management. She is currently teaching Management and Gender and Organization. She has published widely in her research area of Management Education and Gender and Organizations, including the Academy of Management (Learning and Education) Journal, Human Relations and Work Employment and Society. She is a member of the Centre for Research in Emotion Work and Employment Studies (CREWES) and is co-founder and co-editor of the International Journal of Work Organization and Emotion.

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