BBS in partnership talks with Kazakh-British Technical University in Almaty

Kazakh-British Technical University in Almaty, Kazakhstan, opened by Tony Blair over 20 years ago, is discussing a possible joined postgraduate programme and student exchanges with Brunel Business School.

Dr Abrahim Althonayan

Dr Abrahim Althonayan

Dr Abrahim Althonayan, leading the discussions, sees this as a major step to a stronger relationship with educational institutions in Kazakhstan. Kazakh-British Technical University is oriented on training highly qualified professionals for the promising sectors of the economy of Kazakhstan: economics and finance sector, oil and gas industry, and information technologies.

Another recent achievement championed by Dr Althonayan has been to re-instate Brunel University on the Bolashak Scholarship Programme, allowing students and staff from Kazakhstan to receive extensive funding towards their studies in Brunel University in UK.

We already have a request from more than 5 academic staff for research and training which will be funded by the Bolashak. This is an excellent start! Commented Dr Althonayan.

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