What I really wanted was to work for myself – says Brunel MBA graduate from China

I graduated as an English major from Tangshan College in China in 1997. I first worked for about one year in the Human Resources and Corporate Marketing Department at the Haier Group, the largest appliance maker in China. Then I moved to the Bank of China in Tangshan. For around 14 years I have been responsible for accounting, credit card and business development and climbed from a Clerk position to be the President of a branch. 

Mengru Han meet her former lecturer Dr Des Doran on a recent BBS visit to China

Mengru Han meets her former lecturer Dr Des Doran on a recent BBS visit to China

As time passed by, I realized that the most important thing in life for me is to pursue new goals. I did not like the regular working day, I wanted a change to these hours and daily schedules, and I wanted to change something fast. I realized that I needed to study the most advanced management knowledge and expertise in order to climb the career ladder faster and change my life. Brunel University MBA provided a 12 month study programme and this was quite suitable for me.

There are three main reasons why I choose Brunel MBA in Brunel Business School, Brunel University:

  1. The MBA could be finished in 1 year. As we know “time is money”. I could not spent two or more years studying, even though I knew this would benefit me a lot. I needed much more time to work so from my side, a year out to study was perfect.
  2. Brunel University is located in London, which meant I could place myself in the financial center of the world. What I experienced and practiced was more than I could learn from the text books alone. Financial information and trends were fresh and advanced here. All the models and theories top of the game in the finance industry. I could also experience the different cultures in London more than any other city in the world.
  3. Compared with other famous universities, Brunel University is young but vital. Things are very dynamic and modern here.

Based on these reasons I chose Brunel University as my MBA destination. And when I arrived at London, I felt I was very lucky to have chosen this prestigious university.

How did I benefit from Brunel University?

Brunel University provided me with a programme which offered very advanced management concepts and case studies. In the class, I could share my experiences with colleagues from other countries all over the world.

I think that MBA’s are seen as an asset. The right mix of disciplines and electives in an MBA programme ensures that all graduates are equipped with sound reasoning skills, analytical rigor and sharp contextual insights needed to tackle assignments, issues, problems and scenarios at the workplace.

MBA students are trained to develop decision-making skills, which often makes them very effective managers in organizations and businesses.

I think my MBA has definitely opened doors for me and it is reputable. With a few months of studying diligently, the MBA was an excellent qualification. You will learn valuable models that will benefit your management career in very practical terms.

What I changed after my MBA in Brunel University?

Before studying overseas at Brunel University, I wanted to find a good job in the international branches of the Bank of China in the UK or USA. But when I finished studying, I changed my mind and realised that I do not want to work for the Bank of China anymore, or any other company for that matter.

What I actually wanted was to work for myself. I wanted to run a business with nation-wide operations in China and I do that now, with a chain of exclusive kindergradens. In fact, I have a new great plan already! I want to invest in kids entertainment in all major cities in China, using the advanced learning and play techniques and equipment and manage the company expansion from a local business operation format to IPO in Hong Kong or USA stock market in about eight or ten years.

Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Mengru Han, Beijing, China

MBA Graduate 2011

To find out more about Business and Management programmes in the Brunel Business School click here.

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