International work placements are a hit in BBS

The Placement and Careers Centre (PCC) Team of Brunel University offers students the opportunity to gain work experience by way of 1 year placements, and more frequently students take up these placements abroad.

Brunel University is extremely proud of its Placement and Career Centre, as it has been consistently voted number 1 in UK for the last three years by students and employers.

PCC Awards

Placements are typically either one year (or two separate periods of up to six months) and are spent in an organisation undertaking a role that is directly relevant to the student’s degree studies.  

The placements can be in the UK but more often students express interest in international destinations where they can combine work with learning about a new culture. The Brunel Business School students have been particularly intrepid in exploring far away countries and often working for companies on a foreign soil. 

Michelle Kavan, deputy director of the Placement and Career Centre, working with the Brunel Business School student placements said:

Last year the team placed over 900 students in a wide range of industries, banking firms, government departments and not for profit organisations. Internationally, the Brunel Business School students are working for Adidas and Intel in Munich, American Express in Dubai, in Libya for the Libya Airlines, and in an import and export company in New York.

If you would like to hear about the experiences of other Brunel students and graduates, there is a range of ways for you to find the stories that interest you most:

i.workat has been developed by Brunel’s Placement and Careers Centre (PCC) to help you get a real picture of what it’s like to work somewhere. Whether it’s a summer job, internship, placement or graduate job, i.workat has stories written by real Brunel students doing real jobs.  You can browse around the stories, explore what jobs students from your school have done, look at specific kinds of jobs or search for something interesting.

workglobal is where you hear stories from our international graduates about their life after Brunel. We asked students from overseas to talk to us about what they are doing now and how Brunel has helped them to either get into or progress in  their careers. You can search by country or degree course, read stories about students’ UK experience and the careers they have moved onto and hear their stories in their own words.

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