Accounting Symposium at Brunel Business School

The 2nd Brunel Business School Accounting Symposium is to be held at the Hamilton Centre Hospitality Suite, Brunel University on Thursday 21 June 2012. It is hosted by the Accounting and Auditing Research Centre. The purpose of this one-day event is to promote discussion on contemporary issues in accounting, provide continuing professional development and foster relationships with the accountancy profession, standard setters and other national and international stakeholders.

The symposium is likely to be of value to those who are interested in issues arising from the internationalisation of financial reporting, which include the endorsement, enforcement and effects of IFRS in Europe, and recent revised proposals for the future of UK GAAP. Key note speakers are:

  • Stig Enevoldsen, Technical Partner, Deloitte, Denmark; former chair, EFRAG
  • Carol Page, Director Panel Operations, Financial Reporting Review Panel, FRC
  • Professor Peter Walton, ESSEC Business School, Paris
  • Professor Lisa Evans, University of Stirling
  • Professor Paul André, ESSEC Business School, Paris
  • Professor David Cairns, Visiting Professor, University of Edinburgh; former secretary-general, IASC

More information on Brunel Business School and other events can be found here on this link.

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