BBS Professor chairs Advisory Panel at Chartered Banker Professional Standard Board

Professor Robin Jarvis from Brunel Business School (BBS), at Brunel University since 2010, has recently been appointed to chair the Advisory Panel of the Chartered Banker Professional Standard Board (CB:PSB). The objective of the CB:PSB is to define an agreed set of industry-wide ethical, professional standards for the banking sector.

The CB:PSB is chaired by Lady Susan Rice, Managing Director of Lloyds Banking Group Scotland and is supported by the main banks in the UK.

Other members of the CB:PSB Panel are:
– Adam Sharples: Director of Policy
– Teressa Perchard: Director of Policy and Advocacy, Citizens Advice Bureau
– Mathew Fell: Director for Competitive Markets, CBI
– Priyen Patel: Policy Advisor, Financial Affairs, Federation of Small Business

Professor Robin Jarvis has also been the head of SME Affairs at the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). Currently, his areas of research include the Process of Accounting Standard Setting, Financial Reporting for SMEs and Business Support Provisions for SMEs.

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