Brunel Business School Lecturer published Business Accounting book

Jill Collis from Brunel Business School recently completed a second edition of her publication “Business Accounting“.

Business Accounting is an accessible, non-technical introduction to financial and management accounting primarily intended for non-specialist undergraduate and postgraduate students. The active-learning approach helps students gain an understanding of the subjectivity inherent in accounting and the ability to evaluate financial information for a range of business purposes.

The second edition features comprehensive revisions, including new chapters on the regulatory and conceptual frameworks, and the preparation of single entity and consolidated financial statements under IFRS. For more advanced students, ethics, corporate governance and corporate social responsibility are all covered. The chapters on management accounting have been updated and a new chapter discusses current issues, such as strategic management accounting, the balanced score care, accounting for quality and environmental accounting. Many of the case studies are set in an international context.

The book is supported by a wealth of teaching and learning resources, including exam-style practice questions, PowerPoint slides, interactive progress tests and additional chapters and other material on the website.

Jill’s research primarily focuses on national and international developments in financial reporting requirements for unlisted small and medium-sized companies.

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