3rd PhD Symposium: Brunel Business School and Ahlia University, Bahrain

3rd Symposium 14/15 April

The annual PhD without Residence Symposium took place on 14th and 15th April 2012. The Symposium is an annual event in which the PhD (WR) students (offered by Brunel University at Ahlia University) present papers on their topics of research. The Symposium provides a forum for the students to discuss their research findings. This Symposium has been attended to by 24 PhD (WR) students, their supervisors and delegates from both Ahlia and Brunel Universities.

Prof. Abdullah Al-Hawaj, president of Ahlia University, opened the proceedings by addressing the symposium stressing the importance of this programme in enhancing the intellectual capacity of the region. Prof. Mustafa Özbilgin, Brunel Business School, delivered the first keynote and Prof. Amer Al Roubaie, Dean College of Business and Finance, Ahlia University, delivered the second keynote. Over the 2 days, sessions were chaired by the Director of the Programme Dr. Tillal Eldabi, Brunel Business School, and Prof. Wajeeh Elali, Vice President- Administration & Finance, Ahlia University. Papers were organised according to their subject group. One group (BBS) presented papers on areas covering a wide spectrum of topics under Business and Management. The other group presented papers (SISCM) on topics related to Mathematics, Information Systems and Computing.

Dr. Ahmad Ghoneim (BBS) and Prof. Wajeeh Elali were part of the jury who selected the best papers (first and second best) as well as the best presenters (first and second best) from amongst the participating students. Prof. Mustafa Özbilgin presented the awards. Mr. Anjum Razzaque received the Best Paper award for his paper on “Virtual Community of Practice and Knowledge Shared in Medical Decision-Making: Mediating Role of Knowledge Sharing”. The Best Presentation award went to Mr. Ammar Al-Dallal for his paper entitled “Enhancing Recall and Precision in Web Search using Advanced Fitness Function”.

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