Latest Guardian rankings show our dramatic climb towards the top

Professor Zahir Irani, Head of the Brunel Business School, explains his delight with the results announced in today’s Guardian Tables that show the Brunel Business School (BBS) has jumped some 52 places in the last 12 months to 45th out of 116 universities in the UK .

This meteoric rise has happened by way of a clear strategy that is underpinned by a focus on a relevant curriculum that supports student employability, positive student experience and engaged academic staff. The future represents a challenge for the Higher Education sector, with BBS committed to maximizing students’ employability through its Business Life programme, by providing an intensive programme of professional events that run in parallel with academic studies. We will continue to work with all our stakeholders to help produce job ready graduates.

Here are the headlines:

2011 Brunel University @ 75th out of 120
2012 Brunel University @ 82nd out of 120
2013 Brunel University @ 44th out of 120

Now, for the Business School:

2011 Business and Management @ 101st out of 112
2012 Business and Management @ 97th out of 116
2013 Business and Management @ 45th out of 116

Excellent result for us all!

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