BBS students benefit from world-class research

Being part of a research intensive university, the students of Brunel Business School benefit from international level research findings which are regularly applied in lectures. For example in the MSc Human Resources Management tutors, who are also leaders in their field of HR and active researchers within the School’s and Work and Organisation Research Centre (WORC), often apply their latest research into their classroom teaching.

Here’s how their research is used in MSc Human Resources Management lectures:

• Professor Neil Anderson

Professor Anderson provides several of his seminal review papers, empirical studies, and theoretical models for consideration by the students. Students are asked to present back in small groups, having critically assessed research findings for themselves. As the findings are both confirmatory and non-confirmatory, the ensuing debate is used to improve their understanding of whether high-performance HRM practices do indeed contribute to organisational performance and profitability.

• Professor Mustafa Ozbilgin

The programme’s Global Diversity Management module is designed around Professor Ozbilgin’s research in diversity management in multi-national organisations within the public private and voluntary sector. In particular, Professor Ozbilgin’s book Global Diversity Management: An Evidence Based Approach (2008) co-authored with Dr Ahu Tatli is used as the core text on the module. The book is the only empirical research based text in the field, and provides original field work on diversity management that spreads across eight years. Other Business School research by Professor Ozbilgin is used for the practice of literature reviews. Further to this Professor Ozbilgin regularly uses CIPD reports that he has co-authored. Students also receive case studies and case reports by the tutor.

• Dr Savita Kumra

In the programme’s module on Human Resource Management: Concepts, Context and Policy Dr Kumra’s research is integral to the teaching style adopted within lectures. Dr Savita Kumra has conducted research into Gender and Diversity and her findings are integrated into the session on Ethics in HRM and assessments of Human Capital. Dr Kumra’s recently published book Equality and Diversity: Theory and Practice also provides useful readings for students as well as a number of in-class activities based on recently developed theoretical work. For example, in the session on Diversity the class engage in a debate inspired by the recent Economist debate which proposed that ‘Women in the Western world have never had it so good’. Teams debated the pros and cons of the proposal and a number of key points and issues were in the session.

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