Applying Brand Concepts in Design Museum

On March 21st, students studying for an MSc in Applied Corporate Brand Management visited the  Design Museum located in the beautiful area of Tower Bridge. This trip was organized by Professor TC Melewar, under the umbrella of Business Life, Brunel Business School’s employability programme. Students were given the chance to explore all aspect of design ranging from graphic design to industrial design and eco-fashion. A day at the design museum was a great opportunity for students to understand how innovation combined with factors such as a recession, cultural differences and being environmentally conscious, can inspire designers to create unconventional designs to fit everyday life.

Ria Hawthorn, co-curator of the Design Museum, walked students through the exhibits on display. They were able to see how the Earthquake has inspired Japanese designers to create origami art, how Vivienne Westwood was inspired to design eco-friendly handbags, by creating work for African women and without compromising her style, and how the next generation of ambulances can be more ergonomic and use materials and technology that are more energy efficient.

Having the chance to observe some of this year’s best designs in different categories was an excellent experience for Applied Corporate Brand Management student. The visit helps students understand corporate brand theories in a practical context.

Find out more about the MSc in Applied Corporate Brand Management here:

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