Prof John Balmer publishes in top U.S. management journal

Prof John Balmer

Professor John M.T. Balmer from Brunel Business School has successfully published to a top U.S. based management journal: California Management Review (CMR). The article entitled “Corporate Brand Management Imperatives: Custodianship, Credibility, and Calibration”, explores the strategic management of corporate brands and adopts an id based perspective. The article goes on to give an insight and examine case studies from major organisations. 

This is the third time Professor Balmer has published in CMR. In 2009 Professor Balmer was the lead author of another lead article of the California Management Review which focussed on the identity and brand change at British Airways. 
See: Balmer, J.M.T. (2012), “Corporate Brand Management Imperatives: Custodianship, Credibility and Calibration”, California Management Review, Vol. 54, No. 3, pp.1-32.

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