Brunel MBA Student Profile

After 6 years of work in the media industry, Flavia decided she wanted to add a stronger theoretical business foundation to her experience. ‘I am looking to gain a critical perspective on business and industry structures, to be equipped with the strategies and tools
necessary to manage organizations competing in global markets.’

Flavia, MBA Ambassador 2011/12

Having worked as Project Manager for Interact, a media firm which ranks as among Italy’s leading developer of solutions for digital media, she joined the BBC in 2006. Here she developed her project management and finance skills working in various roles and departments, including Sales and Distribution, delivering projects and solutions for Motion Gallery’s licensing business, and Repeats Unit, managing the costs for BBC Channels.

Flavia was attracted to Brunel Business School owing to the excellent reputation of the Business School and the high ranking of the MBA programme. She hopes the course will help her to achieve her aspirations for the future. ‘I am thrilled about my MBA studies. Having started the programme in September 2011, I feel my horizons are already broadening and I see there are many new opportunities I can think about for my future. It seems like it will open doors to possibilities that I hadn’t considered before.”

For more information about our MBA students please visit this website:

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