How to tell a branding story?

The students of Applied Corporate Brand Management have been learning to be leaders in the field of corporate brand management. The course has been intensive not just with contemporary theories to corporate branding, but also has been involved with research relating to the management of an organizations corporate reputation, its corporate identity and its corporate communications.

Corporate Brand Management Students in Radley Yeldar

As a part of the training, the Course Director, Professor T. C. Melewar, has designed many external visits to meet the pioneers in the industry of corporate branding, to enable students to understand the applications of their theories and the research they have been pursuing in class. One of such visits was to Radley Yeldar a corporation communication agency in the heart of London.

On the 28th of February 2012, the corporate brand managers in the making visited Radley Yeldar who distinguishes itself with the simple motto of helping corporations tell their story simply, in one clear voice, by whatever means works best. It was a visit full of intellectual experience.

Radley Yeldar Visit

Radley Yeldar Visit

The agency conducted a 2 hour seminar for the students, on how corporate branding concepts have been applied by them in achieving brand success for their existing clients. The seminar was an insight into the various hurdles that the corporate struggle to cross, and how corporate brand managers help them to do it. After the seminar there was an exercise conducted by the agency gurus to see how we the students of Brunel University analyse and tell the story of the ‘Brunel University’ brand, and as expected, with all the education that we had soaked in the last seven months, we excelled at it.

Radley Yeldar is an agency with over a 140 employees, and was an experience worth holding on to by all the students. Every student was inspired by their work, their philosophies, and their culture. They all agree that Radley Yeldar as a brand has been communicating their story beautifully, encompassing all the elements of corporate communications.

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