Let’s Talk Business: Sustainable Supply Chains

Toby Robins, Sustainable Development Director

Toby Robins, the Sustainable Development Director with Wiles Greenworld, will speak to Brunel Business School students as part of the Guest Speaker Series: Let’s Talk Business. Dr Des Doran secured the informative visit for Operations Management module on the Brunel MBA .

Toby is responsible for the creation and implementation of a sustainability strategy that effectively incorporates objectives in both areas of control and influence and which has embedded sustainability as a core value integrated into the organisation. Its leadership position has seen the company receive much recognition including being ranked 2nd overall in The Sunday Times Best Green Companies List.

Toby is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and an Associate of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment. As well as providing placements for Brunel students, Toby talks on the MBA programme on Sustainability and Business Ethics and Sustainable Supply Chain Management.

Talk organiser: Dr Des Doran, Module Leader, Operations Management, Brunel MBA

Details: Monday 12th March, 2pm, MBA Seminar Room, Russell Building, Brunel Business School

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