Alumni Network Dinner in Uxbridge

As part the Alumni Network, MBA students were invited to a dinner in the private dining room of the Nonna Rosa, an Italian Restaurant in Uxbridge. The dinner was hosted by Prof. Ashley Braganza, the Director of Alumni and Rankings, who gave a welcoming speech to the new Alumni, together with the MBA Programme Director Amir Sharif, and the Alumni Team.

MBA Dinner in Uxbridge

During the dinner, the attendees could discuss how they can make the best use of this lifelong resource, becoming active members of the network. Sayantan Das said: “Alumni dinners are a great way of getting the ex-students together. Being a part of the Brunel alumni gives you a fantastic opportunity to get in touch with old colleagues and make new ones. It can help immensely during a job hunt or even a relocation to an unknown country!”


The dinner gave students an understanding of what a privilege it is to belong to this powerful community, a truly global cross-industry network, and how they can benefit while still in their education and later when out of the school. It has been a truly pleasant evening, and for students an occasion to mingle with the Alumni and staff outside the classroom.


The Alumni Network has provided many valuable opportunities to make new friends for current and past MBA students, and this year’s students are looking forward to engaging with this talented community.

 Report by Flavia De Facendis, MBA Student

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