Graduate Employability: it’s personal and it’s business.

Graduate employability is the final product of a good degree, most of us would agree. It’s personal to the student, and it certainly is business to the University.

We have a responsibility to the students to equip them with a professional advantage, and not just give them an academic qualification.

says Joanna Oman, Admissions and Marketing Manager of Brunel Business School.

Given the increasing mobility of young people, that advantage must be evident on an international scale. By this I mean that our students must be equipped with skills that will make them competitive in the job market in any country in the world .

In order to enhance the employability of its students the Brunel Business School conducted research with companies and organisations like Bosch, Centrica, FDM Group, GlaxoSmithKline, IBM UK, Intel, Jaguar Land Rover, Matchtech Group, NetApp, Webfusion, Atkinson Associates,HotCourses, Kids2Work,Saloria Architects, VT Partnership, Workzone Professions, BP Collins, Catalyst Housing Group, Grant Thornton, IBB and London Borough of Hillingdon.

They helped identify the job-ready skills and work tools that make a difference for companies when choosing graduates for employment or placements. As part of the Business Life Employability Programme students are able to participate in events and training that helps them obtain these job-ready skills and gain recognised certificates and valuable examples of their work which provide Brunel Business School students with real employability advantage.

  1. National and International tours
    1. Oxford Mini Factory Tour ( MIM’s & MSc Supply Chain)
    2. International Business Tours (MBA and MIMs)
    3. UK Industry Visits
  2. Networking with companies
    1. Meet the Professional Bodies Showcase
    2. Annual BEST Event
    3. MBA Capstone Event
    4. Career Booster Programme: Sessions with Guests from Industry
    5. Naked Series – Inspiration Career Journeys from Industry Professionals
    6. MBA and MiM Showcase Events
    7. Meet the Apprentice
    8. Undergraduate Showcase: Students can exhibit their talent to professionals
  3. Business Games and Simulations
    1. Practice Business Challenge with CIMA
    2. University Trading Challenge
    3. IBM Business Challenge
    4. CIMA: Simulation (Business Games)
    5. CIMA Global Business Challenge
    6. Marines Leadership Training: Leadership & Team Building with the Marines, physical  and practical session (PCC)
  4. Employee Best Practice Competencies
    1. Auditing your Skills & Presenting your Strengths
    2. CV Writing Skills
    3. Time Management & Project Management
    4. Professional Written Communication Skills
    5. Preparing for Numeracy:  Number crunching for non-number people
    6. Skills: Job Interviews
    7. Teambuilding: Myers Briggs Type Indicator
    8. Bloomberg Aptitude Test (BAT)
    9. Volunteering  & Entrepreneurship
    10. Presentation Skills
    11. Introduction & Advanced Sage Accounting
    12. Critical & Analytical Thinking
    13. Psychometric Testing
    14. How to Network
  5. National and International Conferences
    1. Web  2.0
    2. PhD Symposium
    3. Annual Brunel Business School Lecture
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Business Life is run in partnership with the Placement and Careers Centre and Brunel Library Service (ASK).

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