Three key skills of undertaking an MBA

Prof Amir Sharif, the Director of the MBA Programme in Brunel Business School, comments on the three key skills of undertaking an MBA.

This is really simple but students all over the world forget this as soon as they start their programmes:


Ability to handle information:  MBAs need to be able to not only state the Who, What, When of information, but be able to ask the Why question as well. Handling and being comfortable with information from multiple sources and in multiple formats (especially powerpoints, excel spreadsheets, company reports and news items – but increasingly social media feeds) is vital.

Making Connections: an MBA needs to think – fast. And in order to think fast an MBA must be able to make connections between vital information and data. An MBA tries to give a student the opportunity to sharpen their connectivity skills: social as  well as analytical.

Applying judgment: judgment is crucial for any MBA – and this belies having a deep understanding and awareness of responsibility and accountability. Applying judgment is a key leadership and management skill and above all, is the root of successful and ethical sustainable leadership behaviour.


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