Brunel MBA Students meet Goldman Sachs Executive Director of Investment Management

A group of MBA students from the Brunel Business School attended a regional networking event organised by Association of MBAs held at Fyvie Hall of Westminster Business School. The event was designed for MBA students with an interest in global business and BRIC economies.

Around one hundred MBA students from seven business schools and a few other interested individuals attended the event.

Sharon Bamford, Chief Executive of the Association of MBAs, introduced the two distinguished speakers of the evening: Anna Stupnytska, Executive Director of Goldman Sachs Investment Management Division, and Guy Fraser-Simpson, lecturer of Cass Business School in London and Dubai and a distinguished author of many books such as No Fear Finance and Private Equity as an Asset Class.

Speaking on behalf of Goldman Sachs Investment Management Division, Anna Stupnytska presented views and predictions for the BRIC economies for the next 10 years. The views are cautiously optimistic. Whilst excited by the level of rapid growth in terms of GDP in BRIC countries, they also acknowledge potential risks ahead. Broadly speaking, their economic models predict that the peak growth in the world middle class is still ahead, meaning that the rising consumer population in the BRIC countries could potentially challenge or replace US consumer population which has been the driving force for global economical growth in the past three decades. However, eurozone debt crisis, the level of Chinese political adaptability especially in relation to its control over its sustainable economic growth, and less than optimal state of US economy are on the minds of many economists too.

Guy Fraser-Simpson, drawing on his expertise in private equity investment, talked about investment opportunities in the BRIC countries.

The presentations were followed by a Q & A session, during which various interesting questions about China, India, Russia and UK were put to the panel of experts, sparking even more insightful comments from the panel.

Amid an atmosphere of friendliness, delegates were encouraged to network with fellow MBA students and graduates by the warm hostess Sharon Bamford both before the presentation and after the Q & A session.

Report submitted by Elizabeth Huang, MBA Student Ambassador

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