Brunel University Students in the 2011 University Trading Challenge in London

The University Trading Challenge has three main components: Long-Term Portfolio, Short-Term Trading, and Case-Study Presentation. The live portion of the competition (Short-Term Trading and Case-Study Presentations) will take place on December 2-3, 2011.
The participation falls under the umbrella of the Business Life headed by Prof Ashley Braganza– the employability commitment to its students of the Brunel University.

Participants will experience an incomparable simulation of real-world trading while demonstrating their abilities to analyze, strategize, make decisions, and give presentations. They get an invaluable glimpse into the real world of the capital markets as well as true insight into themselves and their suitability to a finance career.
The University Trading Challenge is supported and attended by the who’s who of the industry. Students will meet the leaders of the finance world, who are there looking for bright young minds and the young talent they want to employ. The UTC is an opportunity to demonstrate trading abilities and showcase student potential to the right people.
Students who compete in the University Trading Challenge, a simulated real-market competition, gain intense insight into the real world of commodities trading—and their own talents and abilities.

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